About Us

SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. is the national, non-profit organization soley dedicated to child passenger safety. Our mission is to help reduce the number of serious and fatal traffic injuries suffered by children by promoting the correct, consistent use of safety seats and safety belts.

Founded in 1980, SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. is nationally recognized for program excellence, training, and up-to-date technical materials. We provide consultation to advocates, parents, business leaders, the media, and professionals working in the fields of health care, traffic safety, and education.

SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. invites you to subscribe to our Automatic Update Service when joining our organization as an individual or group member. All subscribers receive the bi-monthly SafetyBeltSafe News. Automatic Update mailings are triggered by the announcement of a new recall and include the current recall list plus other new materials developed by SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.